Primary School in La Milagrosa

The project, in regard to the place and the programme, sought to work on the basis of achieving a contrast by adapting to two situations. On one hand, the exterior, treated as an abstract, orderly, modular and emphatic plinth. On the other, the non-uniform, permeable, friendly and luminous section interior.

The programme basically fitted in with five educational modules, a large general space to organise the previous ones and allow their use as a recreational area when the weather prevented the use of two outdoor playgrounds, including two porches that were also requested as well as internal administration, service and installation areas.

It was decided, from the viewpoint of organisational logic, to place the educational modules, understood as the principal spaces, in the only external side of the plot in order to ensure direct sunlight and vistas of the public space as the only values contributed by the site. Based on this decision, the rest of the programme developed naturally according to the physical conditioning factors of the site: the educational modules were essentially centred along the lineal development of the limit towards the square in order to liberate its sides, and in the ends the spaces intended for outdoor playgrounds where the sites geometry made other uses difficult, reinforcing the idea that the spaces intended for the children should always have direct sunlight.

In the project for the nursery school in Pamplona the value of the place is a principal conditioning factor without which this project could not be understood. The plot, the result of a re-parcelling project, is situated on the border of one of Pamplonas peripheral districts.

The proposal was therefore not for a detached construction in an aggressive spot but understood to be part of a plinth of the existing construction. We therefore understood that the project had to have those values and made them evident. This is how it was shaped, like an independent cell whose changing concrete perimeter is attached and integrated into this party wall plinth. From this skin the different lighting and ventilation guidelines where generated through architectural mechanisms.

In the inner part of the plot is the centreline for the non-public service areas, administration and installations organised around a courtyard that meets all primary ventilation and lighting needs.

Between both centrelines and linking them up is a central space that is the true organiser of the building, a circulation space, a play space, a multiple-use space that at the same time is directly connected to the porches and playgrounds. The educational modules comprise a classroom, a bedroom, a workshop and the lavatory.

On a very deep plot in front of a single faade, the proposal is articulated by means of architectural mechanisms of playgrounds and roof lights to ensure the buildings primary lighting and ventilation needs. The roof lights, as mechanisms that capture direct light, are overlapping and grow in height according to their location in the depth of the floor plan in order to provide light while improving the visual impact of the party wall, which is tempered by these volumes. And the playgrounds, diffusers of indirect light, reinforce the lighting and generate an intimate environment in each one of the educational modules.

The building ahs two entrances. The main one situated almost in the centre of the faade is the only point where the lattice permits access to the building from the plaza.

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