Prideaux Place

Coordinates: 50°32′34″N 4°56′45″W / 50.5427°N 04.9459°W / 50.5427; -04.9459

Prideaux Place is a country house in Padstow, Cornwall, England.

For over 400 years, Prideaux Place has been the home of the Prideaux-Brune family. Completed in 1592, the house has been enlarged and modified by successive generations. Today it combines the traditional E-shape of Elizabethan architecture with the 18th-century exuberance of Horace Walpole’s Strawberry Hill Gothic.

The house is filled with treasures, including royal and family portraits, fine furniture and the Prideaux Porcelain Collection. The recently uncovered ceiling in the Great Chamber is a masterpiece of the Elizabethan plasterer’s art.

Antiques Roadshow

In 2006 the BBC filmed the Antiques Roadshow at Prideaux Place. Hosted by Michael Aspel they were broadcast as episodes seven and eight of Series 29.