Prestige Mall Bahcesehir Shopping-Entertainment

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Prestige Mall Bahcesehir Shopping-Entertainment
PRESTIGE MALL BAHCESEHIR SHOPPING-ENTERTAINMENT We believe that each building should give a response to this close surroundings and context. Mega objects that are addded on the cities bring with them differences and scale and varied tensions. Malls of Today create the micro-scaled introverted lifestyles. Buildings where the program is based on mass consumption are difficult to categorise and get accepted as architecture. In most of our projects we try to turn the program inside out.. And question the pre conceived set models. Most malls follow a thematic concept and use many forms, many languages, many materials. Therefore is perceived in fragments. It is very difficult to see and perceived as a whole. With this building we went against the grain and treated the building as one and allowed the form to be the program and the theme. As part of our main concept we used black to exaggerate the contours of the building and give it a sense of elegance and made this mega object appear smaller and monoblock. Black represents nobility, sensitiveness, night, secrecy, absence and infinity. The curved horizontal lines of the building, bring a sense of flow and dynamism .We teated the facade like rather then disregarded like most malls. By using reflective surfaces on the facade we wanted to make the building appear lighter and attractive. And we carried on the reflected surfaces inside to make never-ending illusional perspectives. We used the idea of shiny and mat of the same surface as it was two materials. Architects : Uras+Dilekci Architects Durmus Dilekci - Emir Uras Project Executers : Fikret Sungay , Salih Kücüktuna, Ufuk Alparslan Project Name : Prestige Mall Location : Bahcesehir/ Istanbul Project Area : 5.100 m2 Construction Area : 35.000 m2 Investor Group : Sener Tourism J.S.C. Landowner : Quinn Group Static Project : Ozkan Engineering Mechanic Project : Meg Mechanics Electricity Project : Ozak Engineering


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