The development Prästgården lies close to the centre of Gustavsberg, Sweden - an area close to Stockholm with great natural qualities - close to the archipelago and still within commuting distance of Stockholm. The dwellings are subdivided into four groups of two storey row houses.
The Prästgården development is situated tranquilly at the top of a rocky area with views towards an undulating landscape and pine forest on all sides. A special spot for a series of special buildings that have been carefully placed in a dialogue with the landscape, and with steep slopes and their differences worked into the lay out of the development resulting in a dramatic variation of the individual houses.
Each dwelling is framed and characterized by a characteristic black frame that varies with the terrain down each row, creating small terraces and big balconies. The houses have been placed on stilts, making them seem almost weightless as they climb the hills of Gustavsberg.
Apart from taking the landscape into account the dwellings also mirror the local vernacular architecture, referencing the traditional wooden houses of the archipelago. The black natural colour of the facades is set off by natural coloured fir on all elements inside the black frame, that melt with the landscape and the rocky nature of the site.

Building Activity