Prairie Queen Hotel
In 1909-1910, a real estate promoter, William Fisher came to Alberta and bought land north of the village of Stirling, Alberta. Soon after the Canadian Pacific Railway had plans to lay tracks through Fisher's land creating a junction making it an ideal spot for a large townsite. Mr. Fisher planded out the town site of New Stirling. Once the new town was mapped out, plans for a huge hotel were made, soon to be known as the "Prairie Queen Hotel".

The Prairie Queen Hotel was once a big three storey brick veneered building that boasted 50 rooms including a well furnished parlor, large lobby, dining room and a large room for a bar-room. All of the rooms contained electric lights and steam heating. The Prairie Queen Hotel was known as one of the best hotels west of Winnipeg and was also one of the largest hotels ever built in a new town in Western Canada. After many years of financial difficulties, the building was set for demolition. As the demolition crew were dismantling the third floor, a company of Montana men showed an interest in buying the building and planned on using it for a guest house, but the deal was never carried out and soon fell through. Shortly after, the land company also expressed interest but was unable to complete the deal. The building then became part of a bankrupt estate, and was converted into a bank. The hotel was again made habitable and turned back into a hotel, the bar room was converted into a both a bank and a residence, and one of the rooms was used as the community school room while plans for a new school were being drawn up. In 1927 the owner died and the hotel was once again closed. In 1932 the 20 year old hotel was bought once again and was slowly dismantled so that the material Could be used to build a grocery store and pool hall in Magrath. Old remnants of the hotel's foundation can still be found on the corner of Front st. and First ave. nearly seventy seven years after its demolition.

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