Prada Transformer

Prada Transformer is a pioneering temporary structure picked up by cranes and rotated to accommodate a variety of cultural events.The 20-metre high Prada Transformer is located adjacent to the 16th Century Gyeonghui Palace in the centre of Seoul. The pavilion consists of four basic geometric shapes – a circle, a cross, a hexagon, a rectangle – leaning together and wrapped in a translucent membrane. Each shape is a potential floor plan designed to be ideal for three months of cultural programming: a fashion exhibition (Waist Down, featuring skirts designed by Miuccia Prada), a film festival (co-curated by Alejandro González Iñárritu), an art exhibition (by Swedish video artist and sculptor Nathalie Djurberg), and a Prada fashion show. Walls become floors and floors become walls as the pavilion is flipped over by three cranes after each event to accommodate the next.


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