The building is located in an area out of the town of Thessaloniki on a main highway. It is a 1500sqm office building in three levels. The necessity of natural lighting and ventilation of the building guided as at the division of the building in smaller volumes. One of our main concepts was the creation of an internal courtyard which would divide the volumes of the building but in the meanwhile it will connect them through a tranquil, secure and pleasant enclosed space. This internal courtyard will be the heart of the building and an interesting and agreeable area for the employees of the building to relax, communicate and meet each other. All the circulation towards the surrounded buildings will be made through this internal courtyard where we suggested the creation of resting spots and a café-restaurant for the employees and visitors. All the volumes of the building are unique and with very interesting optical views whether towards the sea and the highway or towards the city center and the hills. Our aim was the creation of a landmark building for the area which would surprise the visitor and make him want to explore it without lowering its standards or potential and simplicity. With the creation of plenty vertical circulations inside the building volumes which are all accessible through a main communal entrance and through the courtyard we resolve the functional issues of the building. The building can be divides in smaller functional independent cells which will be able to accommodate different corporations.


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