Poteries du Don
In the middle of nowhere, in a perfect setting, you feel free at last to embrace the sweetest values of existence. Time no longer has the same meaning. You seem to be planted above this astonishing landscape, drinking it in right up to the pale horizon and down to the dappled depths of the gorges of the Lot at your feet. Your eyes sweep across the gentle folds of this countryside dotted with homesteads and villages, highlighted by the changing tints of the trees and corn. A couple of internationally renowned potters, English and American, backed by the Mayor of the Village of Le Fel, invited us to share their dream. And so the new Poterie du Don was born: le Don du Fel. From this rich harmony and shared ambition, from this rare professional empathy, five cylindrical “pots`, discreetly linked the one to the other, have sprung from the ground, each with a slight but individual tilt as though dancing together, filled with the joy of being the architectural embodiment of such an extraordinary adventure. Five copper-coloured drums sit like a crown on the Puech de Cassos to form a new cultural and economic landmark which already attracts some 50,000 visitors a year. In a part of rural France where traditions die hard, even the conservative local people are astonished and delighted by this new Pole of European Ceramics dreamt up by Nigel and Suzy Atkins. The project sits above the village of Le Fel at the northern tip of the Aveyron in Central France. It contains, in 750m², a potter’s studio, exhibition spaces, stockrooms, offices and an international ceramic art gallery. The cost is 1 000 000€.


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