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The building of the new Metra services lies at the northern site Rodengo Saiano alternative entrance adjacent to the historic road to Iseo. IT represents for the firm the opportunity to manage a better handling of materials and goods, both to the outside and inside: the creation of a new access allows better regulation of the flow and circulation while the definition of new parking for the workers allows better management of space. The building has a length of 45 m and a width of 18 m by 5.50 m tall facades coated throughout their ranges in height from aluminum, which run vertically to the floor. These bands, width of 30 cm were extruded from Metra's design of the architects, and are characterized by a shape that forms a homogenous surface and makes the building like a large parallelepiped entirely of aluminum. The unique design of the profile also makes it possible to make this area not only unified but also full of light, creating continuous play of chiaroscuro. The building contains multiple functions, standardized by the external front, but which are characterized by different types of interior lighting: in fact, while the offices have large windows to the outside, made necessary by their particular powers of control and surveillance, inside, the clinic may have a solution that includes the opening to the outside world and the request for privacy. Lastly, the male and female changing rooms are designed like the interior spaces, ventilation and well-lit, and therefore characterized by uniform light and pleasant, through the use of a glass shed roof. The entire structure was built entirely dry and is attentive to the needs of sustainability and energy savings and at the same time as the functionality and comfort of those who use it: in the changing rooms it was decided to use a system of floor heating ensure that welfare gains. Finally, to define the space of entry there is a roof entirely made with aluminum structural extrusions Metra to form a large-scale structure of the diamond mesh size of 1m x 1m long 18 me 11 m wide. This particular shelter, which extols the qualities of aluminum and highlights the possibility of structural usability, was conceived as a strong and symbolically important, but at the same time with audacious goals lightly. The profile was extruded from Metra's design, and is characterized by large (approximately 40 cm in height and 16 cm wide) that shows the great capacity of production to supply standard solutions and specific details. It puts Metra in a position of absolute leadership in the market.


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