Porin Stadion

Porin Stadion is a multi-use stadium in Pori, Finland. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of PoPa, FC Jazz and NiceFutis.


The first official soccer match was played in May 1963. The stadium was completed two years later when stands and other facilities were built. During its history, the stadium has been renovated three times. The latest uplift in 1999 was made to implement new stands and lights.

Finland national football team has played one cap in Porin Stadion. 27th of May 1984 Finland beat Northern Ireland 1-0 in 1986 FIFA World Cup qualification.

In 1967, 1983 and 2005 the stadium hosted Kalevan kisat-games, the Finnish championships in athletics. Games of 2015 will also be arranged in Pori.

Attendance record 12,050 was made in Kalevan kisat 1967. Attendance record in football matches is 11,193 on october 1993. The former Finnish top flight soccer club FC Jazz played its season's last game against Myllykosken Pallo with the national title on the line.

Eternal wind

Stadium's nickname (in Finnish: Ikuisen Tuulen Stadion) is as widely known as its official name. Stadium was built approx. a kilometer off the town centre and its surroundings were and still are relatively empty, thus increasing the effect of wind. Pori is a coastal town and therefore also quite windy. It has also been stated that new stands built in 1999 only made the wind worse because they intensify wind's whirl effect.

Football caps on Porin Stadion
  • 10.9.1968 U18: Finland-Sweden 1-1 (attendance 600).
  • 27.6.1978 U21: Finland-Sweden 0-2 (1506).
  • 27.5.1984 World Cup qualification: Finland-Northern Ireland 1-0 (8155).
  • 24.8.1985 Women: Finland-Belgium 1-0 (2352).
  • 12.5.1987 Olympic teams: Finland-Austria 2-1 (3912).
  • 28.8.1990 U16: Finland-Sweden 2-2 (3300).
  • 12.5.1993 U21 UEFA qualification: Finland-Austria 2-0 (3682).
  • 9.10.2004 U21 UEFA qualification: Finland-Armenia 0-1 (1300).
  • 27.7.2009 Women: Finland-Sweden 1-3 (2712).
  • 3.9.2010 U21 UEFA qualification: Finland-Poland 2-0 (1651).
  • 10.8.2011 U21 UEFA qualification: Finland-Slovenia 1-0 (2318).

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