Popular Shopping
The building of the Popular Shopping of Brasí­lia in Brazil was visualized by the local government, aiming primordially in offering the street vendors (individuals who sell their products illegally on the city streets, exposing their products precariously on the floor or on makeshift tables) a definite space, provided with all the necessary infra-structure to practice their activities legally, securely, comfortably and hygienically. For the accomplishment of the cited work, an area with 20.000,00m2, next to the Estação Rodoferroviária de Brasí­lia (Central Coach and Train Station of Brasí­lia), situated in a great region, easily reachable, located at the end of the Eixo Monumental (Monumental Axis), route that cuts the city from east to west. The accomplished project for the Popular Shopping of Brasí­lia was idealized form concepts such as the horizontality; the permeability; the accessibility mainly of people with special needs; the link between internal and external area; the functionality of the edification; the sustainability reached through natural ventilation and illumination; the expressivity of its form composing with the main city buildings and the rationality on its execution. This edification possesses sheds on its cover, resulted from the intersection of the main colonnades, utilizing translucent shutters enabling the entrance of natural diffuse illumination, bringing transparence, luminosity, and natural ventilation to the building. Another important aim was to create expressive forms of great plasticity and contemporary design using an original language, which would transmit to the public, lightness, dynamism and at the same time harmonize itself with the architectonic lines of the city. Its design is composed by curved lines, formed by the union of arches, creating a geometrically irregular figure, that even being created in metallic profiles, has given the edification an extraordinaire lightness and expressivity thanks to the new technologies acquired through the most modern technique of steel cutting and arching, the definition of repetitive modulations, which have rationalized the construction, offering at the same time new and economic technical solutions. The Popular Shopping of Brasí­lia has offered each street vendor a space of 4m2 where they would be able to install their stall, providing its users in general a humane, secure and clean space where the street vendors would be able to come out of the streets and the clandestineness, practicing their activities in a comfortable, definite place free of climatic changes, winning their citizenship and social ascension; quitting being peddlers and becoming entrepreneurs.


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