P*ONG Dessert Bar

P*ONG is a clear portrait of its commissioning chef’s creativity.  Like the unique cuisine of its dessert-bar/restaurant menu, P*ONG is diminutive and luscious; its convivial geometries and sensual materials cocoon 34 patrons in an environment that conceals a remarkably modest construction budget.

Our design identifies images from the chef's new book. These ‘inspirations’ illustrate a very clear aesthetic sense favoring horizontal layering, circular dots, sculptural volumes, and a whimsical sense of color and composition. They make apparent the chef’s prior training in painting and architecture.

Our intent to create a design that is infused by these ‘inspirations’ identifies ‘equivalents’ that relate to the food’s painterly architectural vocabulary. From these we imagine a language of mass, material texture, color and light, and layer them within a dynamic three-dimensional space.

The fluid forms in this 680 square foot room contain rigorously detailed multiple layers -- as the attached drawings attest. They are cultivated in ash and sycamore wood, illuminated niches of raspberry and green tea suede, sparkling bronze mesh, glowing resin, and a symphony of colored opaque mirrors. These materials compliment a dynamic spatiality that is ultimately both vivacious and intimate.

P*ONG’s design is informed absolutely by its food, and as such the restaurant transcends fiscal and spatial limitations to render the lush cuisine of its chef in a highly satiating environment.

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