Poly International Plaza
Poly International Plaza Guangzhou, China This mixed-use office and retail complex embraces the climate and the local significance of the Pearl River. The expressed structure and offset core define this energy-efficient design; the structural spine supports the large open floor plates and glassy core, which capture dramatic views of the waterfront. China Poly Corporation sought to create an innovative office and trade center development in Pazhou, Guangzhou, an industrial city along the Pearl River. The Plaza consists of two towers, each coupled with a low-rise podium that accommodates exhibition and retail uses; the below-grade spaces include an exhibition hall and trade center. The offset core towers, which include a thin bar of office space, maximize light transmission to their interiors. on the north, the towers’ forms are defined by floor-to-ceiling glass, shaded by vertical fins. on the south, they expose their structural framework. The towers advocate sustainable design through their use of natural light, natural ventilation, floor-by-floor mechanical systems, under floor air distribution, shaded outdoor space, and green roofs. Thanks to the towers’ innovative structural spine and double lattice brace, the offset cores are light and transparent and allow a high degree of openness to northern views. the glass elevators, staircases, restrooms, and terraces, are all light-filled spaces. A large, central terrace at the midpoint of each tower acts as an aperture allowing wind to pass through the 35-story structures. these terraces, which also act as emergency refuges, are the towers’ social hubs thanks to their three-story floating lounges and meeting room spaces.


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