Polo Park
Polo Park is Winnipeg's largest retail and entertainment district. It is the largest mall out of the eight malls in the city. Situated on the former Polo Park Racetrack, the Polo Park Mall was built in 1959. It was the first enclosed shopping mall in Winnipeg when a roof was added in 1963. It was one of the earliest covered malls in Canada, the first being the Park Royal Shopping Centre in 1962. The mall of Polo Park has over 200 stores including Zellers, The Bay, Sears and the Cineplex Entertainment movie theatres. It is the 12th largest shopping centre in Canada and the largest between Toronto and Edmonton. The original mall department store anchors were Eaton's and Simpsons Sears. In 1986, they were joined by Bretton's but the department store folded in 1996. The district was also the home of the Winnipeg Arena (demolished) and continues to be the home of the Winnipeg Stadium (now the Canad Inns Stadium). The Winnipeg Velodrome was adjacent to the arena and the stadium. It was torn down in the 1990s to make way for a strip mall that includes Home Depot and Chapters. The CKY building was situated near the stadium and the arena. Until 2006, it housed the city's CTV Television Network affiliate, CKY-TV. For many years, it was also the home of CKY radio and FM 92 CITI. The building was also the original home of the WTN network. In April 2010, Corus Radio Winnipeg announced that it would relocate its radio broadcast facility to 1440 Jack Blick Avenue, as part of a lease agreement between Corus Entertainment and Cadillac Fairview. The relocation to Polo Park was originally slated for January of 2011. CJOB 680, CJGV-FM 99.1 and CJKR-FM 97.5 would become the anchor tenants, occuping the entire second floor of the three story building. This move will expand its radio, production and business operations to 17,500 square feet (1,630 m 2). The move was completed the end of February 2011. All three stations are now operating from this state of the art location.

In 1986 the mall got a $75 million renovation that added a second story. Some downtown Winnipeg merchants foresaw how it would negatively affect their stores and spoke out about it during city hall hearings in 1984. However Council approved of the expansion plan regardless. . The expanded shopping centre opened in mid-August 1986. In 2007 Polo Park earned itself a $30 million expansion and renovation, adding 20,000 square feet (1,900 m 2). There were talks about Polo Park expanding and attaching to the new proposed Canad Inns Stadium if the stadium was built in the near future. This will not happen due to the stadium being built at the University of Manitoba. However, with the adjacent arena gone and the CKY/CTV persumably to be demolished soon there is massive room for expansion. Also, once the stadium is relocated it is likely the existing one will be demolished leaving the most valuable retail/commercial land in the city vacant.

Anchors & Majors
  • Sears (256,243 sq ft.)
  • The Bay (212,086 sq ft.)
  • Zellers (97,201 sq ft.)
  • Silver City (77,567 sq ft.)
  • The Gap/Gap Kids (10,350 sq ft.)
  • Polo Park Lanes (15,132 sq ft.)
  • Sport Chek (20,004 sq ft.)
  • Apple Store opened 2009
  • Hollister Co. opened December 18, 2010
  • Forever 21 (Largest in Canada at 38,000 sq. ft.)