The Polideportivo Cachamay or Centro Total de Entretenimiento Cachamay (English: The Total Entertainment Center of Cachamay) is a multipurpose stadium located on Avenida Guayana in Puerto Ordaz (Part of Ciudad Guayana) Bolivar State, Venezuela. The old stadium was opened in 1990 and subjected to an expansion, modernization and remodeling over the years 2006-2007, which involved the demolition of some parts and redesign of its structure to point to double its capacity before 2006, being one of the 9 host stadiums of the 2007 Copa America, when it reopened as Cachamay CTE. It is set in grounds with beautiful natural landscapes, surrounded by the mighty river Caroni and waterfalls Cachamay Park. The sports center is managed by the Cachamay Foundation, with home court advantage for soccer teams AC Mineros de Guayana and AC Minervén FC Bolivar. The CTE is known popularly as Cachamay Cachamay Stadium.


Seeing the need to build a place where they could celebrate and develop the sport in the region properly, Corporación Venezolana de Guayana began in 1988 the construction of a sports center. The original name of the complex was Gino Scarigella, Named in memory of referee descent Italian who lost his life honking amateur football matches on their land, years before it was placed the first stone.

In 1990 he was officially opened on sports arena, whose capacity was 14,000. It was the local press called him Sports Cachamay in the early days of its foundation, due to its proximity to the Cachamay Park, Penetrating the floor in the general community so that does not currently know or remember his original name.

The stadium was chosen as a sub-venue for the conduct of games Copa America Venezuela 2007, which led to their being made to expand and remodel work. Because of this, the Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana handed over the land the stadium for governor of Bolivar State, through a loan of 25 years' duration.

The company responsible for the remodeling of Sports Cachamay was the Mexican construction ICAResponsible for having made more than 20 stadiums Mexico and Latin America, Among which stands out Estadio Azteca. The work was started in mid- April 2006, Which was conducted in the demolition of the old popular platform, installation of new platforms and boxes, rebuilding the main stand, administrative offices, press and backstage areas, green areas surrounding maintenance and building plazas, access and parking. The materials used for reconstruction were reinforced concrete and metal structures, for the completion of the stadium roof, used a vinyl-covered plastic canvas.

Despite the magnitude of the civil work done, the original engram did not suffer any changes, just received some enhancements to ensure quality.

After placing your extension and complete renovation, the stadium was inaugurated on June 22 of 2007 under the name Total Entertainment Center Cachamay. The ceremony was framed in an unprecedented show of fireworks, lights, presentations of artists, the Orquesta Sinfónica de Ciudad Guayana and bands alluding to the traditions, music and adjective of the Guyanese people. Next, the Bolivar State Government handed over the enclosure to Cachamay Foundation, With a view to ensure and guarantee the sustainability of the work in time.

The first goal after its reopening was held on June 27, 2007, the party faced the football teams Ecuador and ChileDuring the Copa America Venezuela 2007. The well was executed for midfielder Ecuadorian Luis Antonio Valencia after 16 minutes the first time.


By virtue of being one of the sub-headquarters of the Copa America 2007, The Venezuelan government, through the Governor of Bolivar State, Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana (CVG) and the National Sports Institute (IND), invested over 220 billion Bolivars for its expansion and renovation, becoming a leading sports scene level. Its sports facilities meet all international standards FIFA and CONMEBOL for football worldwide.

  • Total Capacity: 41,600 spectators.
  • Main Grandstand: 4,125 spectators, discriminated against in 3553 and 572 seats leather seats.
  • Tribuna Popular: 37,473 spectators, divided into 3 sections, Level A: 18,731 chairs, Level B and Level C seats 9523: 9219 respectively.
  • Authorities Stand: 448 people. It has leather seats, air conditioning, wireless Internet via WIFI, Toilets, meeting room and private elevator. It is located in the Main Grandstand.
  • General Boxes: 154 boxes, with capacities from 9 to 24 people, have preferential access and parking, seating, private bathrooms, wooden

floors, sound, air conditioning and panoramic windows sliding. They are located in central People's Tribune.

  • Circulation Cylinders: 2 circular blocks access of 10,703 m², with an elevator for 25 people. They serve to communicate the Main Grandstand with the rest of the stadium.
  • Ramps: 8 to ground floor level of 8 feet wide, with capacity for 15 people.
  • Stories: Orinoco, Ground floor level, the location of the commercial area; Caroni, Is accessed from the Tribune A; CauraProvides access to the area of General Boxes located in the middle sector and Paragua, With which it enters the upper section of the stadium bleachers B and C. The names of the levels of the stadium are in honor of the largest rivers in the state of Bolivar.
  • Parking: 5 parks covering an area of 186,233 m², with capacity for approximately 5,000 vehicles. Parking A is for media use, the parking lots B, C, D and E are intended for use by the general public.
Sports Facilities

The sports center has a main field of 105 x 70 m, and an alternating field called Cachamaicito 80 x 45 m. The main engram is bordered by a track Athletic vulcanized rubber synthetic 8 lane, with the support of the IAAF for high-level international competitions. Additionally, it has indoor areas for warming up the players, an indoor gymnasium and tennis to practice volleyball, basketball and Softball.

Overview of the People's Tribune Technology

The stadium has a surround sound system and security that encompasses all facilities, and a lighting system type Sand 200 210 lampsW intensity each, still above the requirements of FIFA for international matches nightly broadcasts. In the north and southeast of the People's Court are located color screen high resolution of 42 m², similar to those used in some stages of Europe. The lonaria located on the roof of the sports complex is illuminated by a light system, which changes color during night games.


The sports complex has 4 dressing rooms with massage area, changing rooms, showers and toilets, 2 dressing room work with coaches, 2 dressing rooms for referees, district medical services, nursing, drug-testing room, as well as the offices administrative office for the CONMEBOL and an auditorium with 110 seats.

The stadium's press room supports 170 jobs with an Internet connection and wireless as well as an interview room for 40 journalists, 54 radio booths, 10 booths for television, 300 jobs with folding tables in the Main Grandstand , 2 rooms with direct access photojournalists into the field and a recreation room for 140 journalists.

Commercial Areas

The CTE Cachamay has over 140 stores, located in the Main Grandstand and People, from 20 m² to 100 m² and covering an approximate area of 5,700 m². Additionally, it has 4 cinemas, with a capacity of 140 persons each.

Copa America Venezuela 2007

The CTE Cachamay was one of the 9 sub-venues of the Copa America Venezuela 2007, hosting first round games in Group B (Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Ecuador) Reliza on June 27, 2007, and one semifinal, played between Argentina and Mexico, Held on July 11, 2007.

Venalum game winning Venalum Fundeporte vs 2x0 sub 17

Match of the Venezuelan Football Team
Friendly Games

On September 9, 2007, was made a friendly match between the selections Venezuela and Paraguay. In preparation for the playoffs South Africa 2010 World Cup, With notable Venezuelan victory combined with a score of 3:2, I find that rallied after trailing 0:2. Remarkably, the selection of Venezuela was 14 years without playing a competitive game at the stadium.

World Cup
Sports Interempresas

On campus facilities are held the opening ceremony, certain sports (mostly athletic competition) and closure of theSportsInterempresas Guiana, annual sports tournament in healthy competition that links to companies that make life in Bolivar State.

II All-Star Football

On May 7, 2008 was made the Second All-Star Football Correo del Caroni comparison that included the participation of the best players Creole and foreigners who give life to soccer, Venezuela. For the selection of representatives of each eleventh, we used a voting system through the Internet. The event ended with a score of 7:2, to the team of the Creoles.

In the middle of the event, a tribute to him Ridi Noel "Chita" Sanvicente, due to their outstanding performances as an ex-player of Minerva and his achievements as coach.

Before the implementation of the party, met in a friendly match players Mineros de Guayana legends and Minervén of Callao, collation ended with a score of 0:5 in favor of Minerva.


The stadium has hosted the following musical events:

  • December 9, 2007 Concert Lazy Town.
  • July 19, 2008 Concert Olga Tanon and Wisin & Yandel.
  • August 22, 2008: Concert of Jesus Adrian Romero and Manny Montes.
  • October 4, 2008: Concert by Oscar D'Leon and RBD World Tour Empezar Desde Cero.
  • November 8, 2008: Concert by you and me.
  • 13 December 2008: Concert by Daddy Yankee and Tito El Bambino.
  • July 25, 2009: Concert of mobile

Coordinates: 8°17′55″N 62°42′45″W / 8.29861°N 62.7125°W / 8.29861; -62.7125


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