Pôle Psychiatrique de Bures sur Yvette

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Pôle Psychiatrique de Bures sur Yvette
“When Psychiatry sets in the woods” Client: 3 departments in Psychiatry of Orsay’s Hospital (CHO) Location: Bures sur Yvette, Essonne near Paris, France Competition: 2003 Completion: June 2008 Surfaces: 7200m² for 90 beds and renewal of the park Construction price: 14,350 M€ The hospital has bought, after the war, the site including a manor from the 17th century and its park. Both elements remain. Two industrialised buildings were built in the 1960’s, they were obsolete and demolished partly to be integrated in the new larger construction. This projected building had to restitute the atmosphere and the scale of the existing woods and mansion with its symmetrical composition. Despite the program was large, the question of scale has been the central issue of the architectural project. The double façades have two purposes: to reduce the impact of the “health recovering machine” (Foucault) and to offer external rooms for the lunatics who are locked in. On the north side, the kinetic glass façade reflects the sky, the mansion and the greenery affecting radically the consistency of the new mass building. The kaleidoscopic reflections offer symmetry to the trees around the lawn in front of the manor. On the west and south façades the wooden ladders speak about to the tall trees of the surroundings and offer balconies to all the rooms and living loggias. The potential of the site and the idea of sustainability are sealed into the compact form building, the choice of material and techniques without any nostalgia for the past. The architectural work is based on the limits: from inside to outside, transparency, filters, opacity, thickness of the wall, position of the glass …in relation to the insulation considered as essential for the comfort and the energise economy. The resin skin in TRESPA allows outside and continuous insulation as well as a changing aspect with the sun exposure. The natural ventilation brings summer comfort and a controlled based central heating corrects the temperature in winter with low use of energy. Natural light and the relationship to nature offer a convivial environment to the patients who can stay from 10 days to some weeks. At the normal program of a department of 30 beds, was added, through a fruitful dialogue, a cafeteria, a self, a small gym and activity rooms. Located on the first floor, these premises are open to common activities with the families’ patients and village associations. The building is also the core of the preparation of food for the ORSAY hospital with large specialities in medicine and surgery. Solar energy will provide hot water for this central kitchen (1600 meals every day), located on the service area.


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