Point Hueneme Light
Point Hueneme Lighthouse is a lighthouse on the southeast entrance to the Santa Barbara Channel, in Ventura County, California

Point Hueneme Light on the north side of the east entrance to the Santa Barbara Channel is a 48-foot (15 m) high, buff-colored 1940 Art Deco style tower on a fog-signal building. Established in 1874, the station was automated in 1941. The fourth-order Fresnel lens is still used in the original tower. Shipwreck Probably the most dramatic thing that has happened in recent years within range of the light was a shipwreck over which the lighthouse had no preventive power. The veteran passenger liner La Janelle once removed from her role as a cruise liner, lay at anchor off Port Hueneme on April 14, 1970 awaiting plans for conversion to a floating restaurant and fun palace. The owners were attempting to cut down on moorage costs by leaving the vessel at anchor in the open ocean, directly offshore. That was a bad mistake. With only one watchman aboard, the vessel fell victim to storm-tossed seas which rose to huge activities, causing the 465-foot (142 m) long ship to slip her anchor cables. In a dramatic episode of the sea, rescue parties managed to snatch the watchman from the deck, but the 40 year old vessel, like a wounded whale, was tossed unceremoniously onto the beach, a total constructive loss. The California State Lands Commission became much concerned about the problem both from the standpoint of leaking oil and a menace to navigation. They voted unanimously to have the ship scrapped, "as is, where is," and accordingly put out bids. The big steel ship still remains but is being torn apart bit by bit by human and natural elements.

Lighthouse tours
The lighthouse is federal property owned and operated by the United States Coast Guard. The U.S. Coast Guards Aids to Navigation Team Los Angeles/Long Beach(CG ANT LA/LB) is in charge of operation and maintenance of the Lighthouse and Fresnel Lens. Members from the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary who are also members of the CG ANT LA/LB are in charge of the Tours and Openhouses at the Lighthouse. These members are recognized as Lighthouse Keepers by the USCG Auxiliary and Technicians by the CG. In March 2008, the City of Port Hueneme and Oxnard Harbor District dedicated a new "Ligthouse Promenade", beginning at the Hueneme Sunset Beach alongside the preimeter fence of the port to the lighthouse. The 1/2 mile stroll is on a flat, even surface and allows visitors a leisurely stroll along the beach. There are no public restrooms on property, the nearest public restrooms are at the promeade's entrance at Sunset Beach. The Point Hueneme Lighthouse is open for tours on the third Saturday of each month, February through October. The hours are 10am to 3pm PST. Admission to lighthouse is free. For more information, please visit the official website at: www.huenemelight.org


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