Point Blunt Light
Point Blunt Light is a lighthouse on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay, California.

Point Blunt Lighthouse was established in 1915. The lighthouse was automated in 1976.

Historical information as of 1970
From Coast Guard web site: Point Blunt Light Station, on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay, was established in 1915. Point Blunt Light was originally maintained by personnel at Angel Island Light Station at Point Knox until 1960. In 1960 a new watch room was constructed at Point Blunt which afforded a view of the entire San Francisco Bay. With the new watch room, and new quarters completed in 1961 at Point Blunt, the Coast Guard moved the personnel from Angel Island Light Station and at the same time discontinued manning of Southampton Shoals Light Station. The latter structure was removed and the operation of Southampton Shoals fog signal is now controlled by personnel at Point Blunt. In addition to Southampton Shoals, personnel at Point Blunt operate their own light and fog signals and Raccoon Strait light and fog signals. The station also provides special direction finder calibration services as requested. Four family units, 3 bedrooms each, are at Point Blunt. Two units are Coast Guard owned, two are leased from the State of California. One unit is occupied by the Officer in Charge and his family. The other units are presently being utilized by the married crew members and their families. One small boat is assigned to the station. A pickup truck is assigned. Point Blunt Light Station rates a BM1 as Officer in Charge, plus one EN2, one FN, and one SN. (Written in July, 1970)

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