Podolsko Bridge
The Podolsko Bridge is an arch bridge that spans the Vltava between Podolsko and TemeÅ¡vár in Pí­sek District, Czech Republic. At the time of its completion in 1949, it was the longest arch bridge in Czechoslovakia. Design was by the Ministry of Public Works. Experimental Stress Analysis photoelasticity was by Professor J. J. Polivka of the University of California. Professor J. J. Polivka Jaroslav Joseph Polivka performed structural analysis photoelasticity for Frank Lloyd Wright's proposed Butterfly Concrete Arch Bridge of 1000-ft span Southern Crossing across San Francisco Bay between the San Francisco Airport and Oakland, California Airport reference 2. Jaroslav Joseph Polivka (Jaroslav Josef Polí­vka) (20 April 1886 ”“ 9 February 1960), Czech structural engineer who collaborated with Frank Lloyd Wright between 1946 and 1959. They reference, endorsed and photographed each other in their writings. Frank Lloyd Wright, Eduardo Torroja and J. J. Polivka shared ideas, and were in communication with each other. All three endorsed each others idea and work. After the Orlí­k Dam was completed in 1961, the Vltava rose 19 meters and covered part of the supports. References "Contractor Meets Close Design Tolerances in Building Long-Span Concrete Arch Bridge" J. J. Polivika , Civil Engineering , ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers January 1949 Philosophy of Structures By Eduardo Torroja (Figure 14:10b, page 221), University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, inconjuction with Cambridge University Press, 366 pages