PNC Tower
The 4th & Vine Tower (formerly known as the Central Trust Bank Building) is a 495 foot (151 meter) tall building in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. It stands 31 stories tall, overlooking the Ohio River waterfront. It is considered one of the most recognizable buildings making up the city's skyline. Few PNC Bank employees now work in the 4th & Vine Tower today, most report to the newer PNC Center. PNC Bank has the signage rights to the building, but that is not the official name. It is officially the 4th & Vine Tower. The signage on the building was "Central Trust" until sometime after the Scripps Building was completed in 1990.

The site of the tower was previously occupied by the U. S. Post Office and Customs House and also at a later time by the Chamber of Commerce Building. When construction of the Cass Gilbert-designed building was completed in 1913, the PNC Tower was the fifth-tallest building in the world and the 2nd tallest building outside of New York City. The building opened May 1 with final construction costs of approximately $3 million. It remained the tallest building in Cincinnati until 1931, when construction on the Carew Tower was completed. The 4th & Vine Tower was originally built as the headquarters for The Union Central Life Insurance Company, which moved out in 1964. The building, along with nearby skyscraper the Carew Tower, was featured in the opening and closing of the daytime drama The Edge of Night until 1980. Cincinnati had stood in as the show's locale, Monticello; the company that produced Edge, soap and consumer products maker Procter and Gamble, is based in Cincinnati. The pillared structure on top of the tower is a Greek temple, built for undisclosed reasons.

Preceded by Fourth & Walnut Center Tallest Building in Ohio 1913"1927 151m Succeeded by LeVeque Tower

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