Plummer Park Community Center

The city originally proposed to rejuvenate its existing community center at Plummer Park for senior use, while adding a separate teen facility nearby. However, community discussions favored the creation of a single inter-generational facility in the original building, which would allow more flexible programming while promoting inclusivity. The faux Spanish roof, an existing shortcoming, became the springboard for a new identity that stretched and re-cladded the rigid gables into a seemingly free-form canopy that extends some 320 feet, sheltering the whole facility. The building plan is a scribble of loosely organized courtyards, entries and key spaces that create a deliberate informality. Shaded courtyards, arbors, and tinted glass reduce heat gain while skylights provide daylighting.  The parking lot features light-colored, permeable paving and a tree canopy to reduce the heat island effect.

Building Activity