Plaza Residences
Due to the redesign and recovery of the Historic Center of Mexico City, Paseo de la Reforma, one of the most important avenues of the city, reemerges as the most beautiful commercial, cultural and historic avenue of the metropolis. In recent years, distinct real estate property developments of exceptional importance and magnitude have been developed on this avenue. One of these new developments is the Plaza Residences building; an emblematic building of great character. The building is flanked by two cultural landmarks that enroot it with the historic past of the area, the Monument to Columbus and the Monument to the Revolution. The shape of the building gives richness and movement to the urban context. Plaza Residences becomes a sculpturesque object that acts as a showcase that defines the Monument to Columbus on one of the most sightly corners of Avenida Reforma. The existing urban belt continues thanks to the basement of the building, which is presented as a continuous element with a collection of perforations. This stone pedestal gives presence to the first floors that accommodate common areas, commercial areas and services. In response to the Columbus traffic circle, the building, with its glass interior façade, is erected in the shape of a boomerang, creating a concave interior space that we give to the city by way of Reforma. This concave shape opens up and embraces the majestic traffic circle, integrating it into its concept. The boomerang shape draws out from a long linear element which constringes into the plot with the intention of presenting a considerable unfoldment of façade towards Reforma, making it possible to favor all the apartments with views towards the majestic avenue. The building is an abstract entity giving a sense of scalelessness; its principal façade endeavors to present itself as a smooth-skinned glass curtain, permitting, at a glance, the loss of perception of the building’s floors. The building’s skin is accentuated with randomly placed aluminum mullions, which control the effect of the sun, while creating an interesting effect of light and shadow in the concave shape. The apartment tower is divided into two zones, both with independent access and lobbies. Each apartment is designed based on the position occupied thereby in the tower according to its orientation. The building has apartments and suites of between 60 and 170 square meters, 4 basement parking lots, common areas for the apartments and a commercial ground floor. Due to its circular shape and horizontal bands of its convex façade, the building becomes an abstract crown in contrast to the Cantera stone of the monument to the Revolution. The passage ways to access the suites that run the entire length of the building become viewpoints providing a unique view of Mexico City. A great curtain through which to view the metropolis. The corners of the building emphasize its height with an abstract language by means of vertical elements which unfold while breaking the horizontality of the windows. One of the vertical elements shifts position to move on to the colonnade of the roof which is higher in one corner. The clear glass corona crowns the building, highlighting it in its curvature design upon presenting an element rounding off the vertical elements of the façades in a “box of light`, giving presence to the building. The building accommodates a business center, fitness center, projection room, swimming pool with a bird’s-eye view of Reforma; a kid’s club, lounge, events hall, parking lot, common open-air plaza and good neighbor technology. Art is integrated into the Plaza Residences project by means of a raised mural plaza or “pisal`, which, apart from being a common plaza, also serves as a transition towards the exterior, further favoring visual contact towards the great avenue. The apartments, of single or double height, are designed with characteristics on par with the best hotels and resorts in the world. Plaza Residences also has a carbon monoxide detection system in the parking lots, an air ventilation and air injection system in the parking lot basements, ventilation in the common area kitchen, ventilation in the swimming pool area, and ventilation in the kitchens, restrooms and utility rooms of the apartments. Evaporative air coolers are installed for servicing the common areas, lounge, audiovisual room, children’s playroom, adult room, business center, multiple use room, gymnasium and spa. In accordance with the Environmental Regulations for the Federal District, an energy saving system is used, consisting of solar panels placed on the roof (Floor +92.90) which heat the Swimming Pool, reaching the ideal temperature with a system of boilers which function with a thermostat that detects water temperature changes. The boilers service 2 Jacuzzis, one located in the swimming pool area and the other in the spa area. The building has six, 1,050-Kg, 15-person capacity elevators, for service from Basement 4 to the 24th Floor of apartments in the East and West zones. There are also 1-Ton capacity freight elevators in Basements E-1 and E-2, providing service from the parking lot to the Ground Floor and common areas. A virtual Centrex telephone line shall be installed, consisting of a switchboard telephone line, making it possible to enjoy the facilities and characteristics offered by a private switchboard and/or multiline system. It operates by means of a Virtual Network designed at the Telephone Exchange, backed up by conventional telephone lines; each line or extension has 7 additional services, capable of implementing an unlimited number of lines or extensions within the Virtual Network. The system enables the obtaining of a detailed breakdown of telephone calls for each line or extension of the Virtual Network, and the internal calls made between the lines or extensions of the Virtual Network shall not incur charges of Measured Service. The project shall have preparations for the installation of high-speed Internet and satellite TV for the entire apartment tower and common areas. There shall also be a security booth for access control to the parking lots, personalized card-activated pens, closed-circuit television for security and control of the common areas.


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