Plasticamente pavilion
  Italian designer Riccardo Giovanetti has designed a pavilion to host the premier of new Walt Disney movie Trilli. The 130 square meter structure is made from shiny, white, plastic disks and houses an exhibition for children about plastics and recycling. It was commissioned by the Italian Institute of Plastic Recycled and will travel to several cities over the coming months. The Plasticamente Pavilion has been designed to host the premiere of the new Walt Disney movie Trilli, an eco-friendly cartoon. An exhibition dedicated to the world of children has been organized inside, exploring the qualities of the plastic and its potential for recycle. The design of the Pavilion was an exercise in balance that comprises the transparency of the architecture, the visibility of the exhibition from far away and the sense of intimacy required for this kind of interior. The proposal of 130 square meters, comprising a large concave roof made with white plastic discs, is reminiscent of molecular structures of polymers. The exterior is enveloped in a skin made up of hundreds of white plastic discs, creating a fine molecular structure. This shining surface remains constant across the whole pavilion, reinforcing the unity of the structure and giving it the quality of a vast and sensuous architecture. Although this is a large pavilion it gives an impression of weightlessness, and can appe...


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