Plastic House

A house made from fully recycled P.E.T bottles? Chris Bosse of LAVA has designed Plastic House - environmentally
friendly, hygienic, nontoxic, uv-stable, energy-efficient, and lightweight. 

The house showcases the latest passive ecological technologies. A lightweight prefabricated structure is transported to the site on a
truck, and filled with water, which provides thermal mass, water storage and fire retardancy. The water cools naturally during the
day and returns the heat slowly during the colder nights.

The floor, wall and roof are built of one structural element and the "columns" form spaces for bathrooms, kitchen and an internal
garden. The plan creates a floating space with maximum transparency and interaction with the surrounding site an idyllic
piece of land in the Australian Blue Mountains. Different colours, grain, opacity are used according to the desired light-control and
views. The bedrooms can be separated with sliding elements, curtains.

The material is fully recycled P.E.T - environmentally friendly, hygienic, untoxic, uv-stable, energy-efficient, lightweight.

Plastic House was on display at Customs House in 2010 as part of an exhibition ‘From Form to Formless’ curated by Patrick Keane. It
explored how Australian designers at the forefront of 3D spatial exploration celebrated the advent of space travel, science fiction,
and cutting edge technology in the last 50 years.

The exhibition examined how designers have taken the geometrical discoveries of scientists and ambitiously interpreted them to create
endless spaces, unknown boundaries and a melding of science fiction and reality.




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