Plaestra comunale San Quirino
The strong presence of the middle school, planned by the arch. Gino Valle and built with techniques of integral prefabrication, rigidly binding in the stereometria and in has her, it conditions the insertion of the new building. He/she wants a banal reiteration of the volumes and the techniques to avoid you, respecting of it nevertheless the formulation and the rigor planimetrico. The new intervention articulates in three clean volumes: volume Gym, volume locker rooms and volume deposit utensils. • The volume of the gym has been lined up with the portico of the school so that to be able to become, in certain occasions, crossed common of the two equipments. To limit the excessive monumental effect, dates the necessary height, the volume articulates with two scenes of armed cement, that form the headings and with a "mantle" in light panels, that form the closings of the long sides; toward North the mantle is transparent both to confer the maximum natural illumination, both to allow the vision of the mountains and, from the outside, to perceive the presence of the great steel beam composed by circular tubular profiles. Toward south, instead the volume opens with a transparent glass door, protected by the sun with a platform that prolongs the portico of the school; the glass door visually connects the inside activities and those that develop him to the open one. • The volume of the locker rooms, lower than the gym, sets in the superior angle of the gym so that to allow total autonomy of runs between athletes and public and to delimit the plaza of entry to the equipment, that concludes the public zone in such way and it leans out on the country to North. • For a great fruibilità of the spaces the place deposit utensils you/he/she has been located on the back of the gym with accesses both from the inside of the gym that from the outside. Exploiting the natural gradient of the ground, that is taller than around 60 cms, in comparison to the quota of the external fields, from the piazzetta he enters the gym from the tall part of the gallery for the public: this way it is had immediate perception of the activities that develops him in the field of game. The new gym, completed once, it will also constitute the center of the sporting activities that you/they already develop also him to the open one, furnishing the services of support and the spaces for the various sporting associations. The new gym will connect him with the existing sporting equipments and will increase the attraction of it. The viabilità of access and the parking lot will be independent from those existing. The presence of the Middle school, thanks to the autonomy of accesses from different roads, it doesn't interfere with the sporting activity neither you/he/she can be disturbs of it.


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