Place Alexis Nihon is a 2,400,000 square feet (222,967 m 2) complex in Downtown Montreal, Quebec (on the border with Westmount), consisting of a shopping centre, two office towers, and a residential building. The shopping mall is directly connected to the Atwater metro station, which joins the building by a short tunnel with the adjacent Dawson College, and by a longer one adjoins nearby Westmount Square. A Homburg Canada Real Estate Investment Trust property , the mall is a 2.4 million square feet urban complex adjacent to Downtown Montreal. Some 38,000 visitors, workers and students flock to it daily.

Built in the year of Expo 67, Place Alexis Nihon is a multi-purpose complex, featuring two office towers, a residential tower, a three-level shopping centre and a parking with over 1,100 spaces. On October 26, 1986, a major fire heavily damaged its 16-story office building and is still considered the city's biggest fire in a skyscraper. At least six stories were destroyed in the blaze. In 2002, the city's fire service was heavily blamed for negligence and incompetence according to the Cour d'Appel du Québec. Several tenants including the federal government sued the then-owner of the building for several million dollars. During the Dawson shooting incident on September 13, 2006, the building was fully evacuated and some workers thought there were gun shots fired in the complex. Shots did reach the building during the shooting.

Place Alexis Nihon, at the corner of Atwater Avenue and Ste-Catherine Street West, is accessible:
  • By Metro: Green line, Atwater Station. This station directly connects to Place Alexis Nihon.
  • By Bus: Bus lines 24, 63, 90, 104, 138, 144, 356, 360.
  • By Car: A-720/Ville-Marie Expressway, Exit 2 - Atwater Avenue.
  • By Bicycle: Bicycle stations levels P1 and P3 of the parking.
  • By BIXI: BIXI Station De Maisonneuve Boulevard West at the corner of Atwater.
  • By Taxi: Waiting area Atwater Avenue at the corner of de Maisonneuve Boulevard West.

The Stores
The complex is directly connected to the Atwater Metro station and offers numerous services, a variety of shops and superstores, and a food court with over 25 restaurants. Over 100 stores, of which 6 superstores:
  • Canadian Tire
  • IGA
  • Pharmaprix
  • Sports Experts
  • Winners
  • Zellers