FROM THE GREENHOUSE TO THE PARK .......... From the overlapping of the program greenhouse and the proposed area, a series of questions arose to around the characteristics of this building. On having penetrated on the program we observe that it was more linked to the productive thing that to the recreative thing, characteristic, which the residents assign to this space of the city. In this back and forth process, seemed to us to be interesting to propose a building that was linking these two programmatical subjects; with a contemporary, simple and forceful architecture; sensitive and respectful of the existing building and programms, and with subjects linked to a sustainable development. From an approximation mas deep in the program greenhouse, all in relation to the agricultural production, we perceive that the "form - architecture" of these elements is totally determined by technical - functional subjects, which took us to a clear proposal and an articulated functional differentiation of the whole, where coexist opposite activities of production, research and exhibition, all of them taking part in units of the THEMATIC PARK. The PIM (Park Greenhouse Montevideo) is an equipment to promote the sustainable development and sustentable across a playful and educational architecture, where there are agricultural product activities for the people and experimental projects to investigate the future of the production. In the urban current life, the work, the education and the playtime develop in separated environments and have lost the relation with the nature. One of the aims of this project is the integration of all the activities. They are projected for it, research programm, production and exhibition. The implantation intends enhance and subtlety. It takes advantage of topographic local characteristics using the drop of the land and the straight coastline to lean on it. The position is like a urban edge and a building to atractt local people. The area has a surface of 11000 has and it is in a privileged environment of the city, from where is obtained interesentas visual of the riverwalk. The building is molded around two components: a high volume (ROOM MM massmedia) and an undeground box (ROOMS OF EXHIBITIONS, SUPPORT PROGRAMMES, services, administration and management of the building). The first one: high body (“foliage`) on a series of metallic pillars of corten steel of different diameter generating an artificial forest of lights and shadows/of textures and colors. It has the principal room of exhibitions, it is an open space articulated from three courts (two dry ones and humid one) and solved in its interior with a skin (projection screen) of liquid TFTLCD where the principal exhibitions are projected. The second one: it is the underground part of the building with a border circulation from that accedes to the exhibition, adminitrative and service spaces, and with the presence of the alive permanent rock, an idea of the architectural offer is that the building behaves as an alive organism (singer mechanism ) and that the passage of time be reflected altering its image according to the climatic changes.


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