Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School

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Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School

Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School (French: École secondaire Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau, commonly known as PETHS, PET, or Trudeau) is a public, bilingual English and French-immersion secondary school in Markham, Ontario. It was named in honour of the 15th Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Pierre Elliott Trudeau.


Construction of Pierre Elliott Trudeau HS commenced in June 2001 and opened the following September 2002 with 500 students in grade 8, 9 and 10. The grade 8 students were from a feeder school and were segregated from the High School students. 2004-2005 was the first year with a graduating class and thus a full school.

Location and Feeder Schools

Located in northern Markham between Major Mckenzie Dr. and Hwy 16 and east of Kennedy Rd, trudeau is a part of the York Region District School Board, Trudeau primarily serves students who reside in northern Unionville, which include the communities of Cachet, Angus Glen, and Berczy Village. Trudeau also serves students in the French-immersion program who reside in the communities of Stouffville, and most of the Town of Markham.

PETHS's feeder school include:

  • Ashton Meandows PS
  • Castlemore PS
  • Franklin St PS (French Immersion)
  • Glad Park PS (French Immersion)
  • Stone Bridge PS
  • Unionville Public School

Colours and Symbols

The colours of Trudeau are based on the four colours found on the native medicine wheel: white, yellow, red and black. The students of Trudeau are collectively known as the Trudeau Trailblazers. The name trailblazers is an homage to Pierre Elliott Trudeau himself and his "trailblazing" attitude in Canadian and global politics. Trudeau's athletic mascot is known as The Trudeau Trailblazers".

Strive Higher, Soar Further is the school's motto which is featured on the school's crest. The crest, titled The Spark, features a stylized abstract representation of energy and creativity.


PETHS was intended to be an academic school from the onset. Initially upon opening, Trudeau hired many teachers from Bayview Secondary School with the intent of implementing the International Baccalaureate program, which as of 2011 had not yet been achieved. Instead the school offers many AP classes in subjects such as mathematics, science, french, english and history.

Trudeau is one of Ontario's leaders in education, routinely scoring well above the provincial averages in standardized testing and was rated the best public high school in Ontario in 2008 and was one of 2 York Region schools to break the top ten again in 2011

An internal report from the school's guidance department in 2008 indicated that Trudeau had tied with other schools for the third highest provincial average for graduating students departing for post secondary education, and that it's students won a disproportionate amount of scholarships.


Pierre Elliott Trudeau is also the first high school in Markham to have a competitive cheerleading team starting January 2011.

February 2011, the Junior Girls Volleyball division won YRAA tier 1 championships, bringing home the first YRAA volleyball banner in history.

School Events


PETHS has historically participated in and excelled at the McMaster University Engineering Olympics, winning in multiple events. Since 2005, they have participated in the York Region Science Olympics and have ranked in the top 5. Since 2004, its students began entering the University of Toronto Biology Contest and have placed in the top third of all international schools to participate. The school also regularly participates in the Sir Isaac Newton Physics Contest , and all applicable University of Waterloo Canadian Mathematics Competition. Trudeau's music department had advanced to the Gold Level at the OBA competitions in previous years (2008, 2009, 2010).

Drama Council

Trudeau's Drama Council has historically held the Cabaret, a talent show for students and staff to showcase their many skills and talents, and the Drama Mosaic which is a showcase of student work relating to a single topic.

Trudeau has also participated in the Sears Ontario Drama Festival An annual theatrical showcase event in which several schools across Ontario compete in. Trudeau has a reputation for hosting the district showcase and has had great success at the festival, advancing to the Regional Showcase at Hart House theater at the University of Toronto five times in the period from 2003-2009.

Some previous works include:

  • The Great Theatre of the World (2003)
  • The Calendar Effect (2004)
  • The Arabian Nights (2005)
  • Dragon of the Winds (2006)
  • Stories Gone Wilde (2007)
  • Congo (2008)

Music Council

The Music Council has held the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts in addition to the music potluc and the in-house and invitational Battle of the Bands. the Battle of the bands is a chance for the school's own talent, as well as other YRDSB school's bands to showcase their talent and perform in front of an audience.

Student Council

Events held by the Student Council members at PETHS include Trudeaumania, a welcoming event for grade nine students, Blazer's Bash which is a school wide event taking place near the end of May as well as many school spirit days usually focused on Spirit week in the late winter before march break.


School Bus

As per the criteria of Student Transportation Service (joint school bus service for YRDSB and YCDSB), students from grade 9-12 in the YRDSB are eligible for school bus transportation if they are:

  • 1. Living more than 3.2 km from the school (measured along safe walkways)


  • 2. Living in a non-transit served area. (A transit served area means that a person can get to and from school using the YRT/Viva in less than an hour, needs to walk no more than 1 km to/from the stop, and needs to take a maximum of 3 buses each way).

Students in a special needs program (excluding gifted), are exempt from the policy and always receive it.

Public Transit

The YRT routes which stop at or near the school are:

  • 8 - Kennedy
  • 18 - Bur Oak
  • 42 - Berczy-South Unionville

No other routes divert to the school at the beginning and end of the day.

However, there is one high school special, route 418. It is meant for those who live in the Western parts of the school's service area.

YRT fares are $3.25 in cash for a two hour pass in one fare zone. Ten student tickets are $19.00 and a monthly pass is $75.00

Building Activity

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