Piech Asia Enterprises Office
Project Name: Piech Asia Enterprises Office Address: Nangao, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China Size: 680 m2 Time: 2009.5.3 Inside a simple grey brick box of 9 Mts. high, which is mean to isolate the building from its semi industrial and undeveloped surrounding, we intend to provide an interesting, dynamic and diverse working environment with its own private gardens and different space high, size and shape according to its use. Is like a building with a joyful play of volumes and voids, inside another building more quite simple and neutral. A single diagonal wall across the middle of the box, which ends in a triangle where the stair is located, is the main organizer element from where all the geometry is originated and all the spaces are attached to. This wall has been emphasized with a strong red color mosaic finishing; all the other walls are kept in the original grey bricks. The roughnesses of the walls were complemented with a beautiful and warm bamboo made false ceiling and indirect wash-light. Every space then, has different proportion, form and size, all dictated by the stair diagonal red wall. The openness and intimacy interplay in a ying – yang equilibrium. The low cost grey brick is the main material for all the architecture and interior and is complemented with a warm bamboo false ceiling. The floating floor, finished in white gres ceramic tiles, allows the plugs to be moved according to the new staff arrangements. Toilets are finished with grey stone mosaic and the concrete staircase is draped with a three story high glass blocks wall.


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