Pickfair was a mansion designed by California architect Wallace Neff and named as an amalgamation of the names of its original residents, silent film actors Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford. Located at 1143 Summit Drive, in the San Ysidro Canyon in Beverly Hills, California, the property was a hunting lodge when purchased by Fairbanks and Pickford in 1919. They renovated extensively to transform the lodge into a 22 room mansion luxuriously decorated with ceiling frescos and the highest quality art and furnishings available. The property was said to have been the first private property in the Los Angeles area to include a swimming pool (set in a large formal garden). During the 1920s the house became the focal point for social activities, and the couple became famous for entertaining there. An invitation to Pickfair was a sign of social acceptance into the closed Hollywood community, and European royalty was also accommodated and entertained at the mansion. Dinners at Pickfair were legendary; guests included Charlie Chaplin (who also lived next door), George Bernard Shaw, Albert Einstein, Elinor Glyn, Helen Keller, H.G. Wells, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Fritz Kreisler, Amelia Earhart, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Joan Crawford, Noel Coward, Max Reinhardt, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Austen Chamberlain, Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko, and Sir Harry Lauder. Lauder's nephew, Matt Lauder Jr., a professional golfer whose family had a property at Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California, taught Fairbanks to play golf. Fairbanks and Pickford were divorced in January 1936, and Pickford resided in the mansion with her third husband, Charles "Buddy" Rogers, until her death in 1979. A recluse in her later years, Pickford received few visitors and the house was neglected. It stood empty for several years after Pickford's death and was sold to Los Angeles Lakers owner, Dr. Jerry Buss, before being purchased by actress Pia Zadora and her husband Meshulam Riklis. They announced they were planning renovations to the famous building but revealed in 1989 that the house had in fact been demolished and a new larger mansion constructed in its place. Faced with criticism from the public, including Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Zadora defended her family's actions, stating that the house was in a poor state of repair, and was infested by termites. The only remaining artifacts from the original Pickfair are the gates to the estate with their prominent P motif. Pickfair was owned by UNICOM Systems, Inc. as of April 2005. UNICOM is a software and services company whose CEO is Mr. Corry Hong, who is sometimes identified as the owner of Pickfair. Rumours of continuing business problems and financial difficulties have forced the sale of Pickfair yet again. It was listed in the MLS for $60 million on Sept. 8, 2008.

In popular culture
Zadora's purchase and subsequent demolition of Pickfair is referenced in Deborah Harry and Iggy Pop's cover version of " Well, Did You Evah!". Pop claims he was invited to Pia Zadora's house but didn't go, later saying "I hear they dismantled Pickfair... wasn't elegant enough", to which Harry replies "probably full of termites". Pickfair is referenced in "The Simpsons" episode - Bart the Fink. Krusty the Clown walks through the gates to his estate which read "Schtickfair".

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