Pickering Operations Complex
The Pickering Operations Complex is a high-rise skyscraper located in the central business district of Singapore. It is located on 20 Pickering Street, in Raffles Place. It is situated just next to OCBC Centre and One George Street. The skyscraper has a roof height of 177.0m. It serves not only as an office for Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel), but also a telecom hotel for the company.

Pickering Operations Complex was designed by Kenzo Tange Associates, and was completed in 1986. Other companies involved in the development of Pickering Operations Complex included Singapore Telecommunications Limited, Meinhardt (Singapore) Private Limited, Meinhardt (Singapore) Private Limited, and Meinhardt (Singapore) Private Limited.

Pickering Operations Complex is mainly made out of reinforced concrete. The architecture of the building bears much similarity to OCBC Centre, which was completed one decade earlier. In fact, the OCBC centre is situated just next to Pickering Operations Complex.

Facilities and equipment
Designed as a telecom hotel or colocation facility, Pickering Operations Complex naturally has many technical equipment that cater to telecommunication. There are two "technical floors" in the building, the 5th and the 29th floor. The tower is one of many buildings and trunk exchange centres that belong to SingTel. However, it is SingTel's only building that is in the central business district, Raffles Place. The building uses the EY3600 building management system, which is equipped with the novaPro Open management level. The automation stations of the nova family, monitors and controls the mechanical ventilation for the airconditioning system and the lighting. The fire-alarm system, the lifts, the lowvoltage system, the emergency power system and the sanitary facilities are also monitored and controlled by the EY3600.

Technical equipment
Its technical equipment comprises:
  • 8 refrigerating plants, each with a capacity of 300 tons
  • 24 air-handling units
  • 14 fan-coil units
  • 16 control centres on various floors
  • 77 air-conditioning systems for the EDP rooms


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