Piast Brewery
Piast Brewery is a defunct brewery, located in Wrocław, Poland. It was founded in 1872, when the city of Wrocław, known as Breslau, belonged to the German Empire. The brewery was founded by Carl Scholtz, and until 1910, its name was Brauerei Pfeifferhof Carl Scholtz. By 1945, the enterprise changed names three times:
  • Schultheiss`Brauerei AG, Abt. V (ZBv.Berlin) (1910”“1920),
  • Schultheiss- Patzenhofer- Brauerei AG, Abt. V (1920”“1938),
  • Schultheiss- Brauerei AG Berlin, Abt. Breslau (1938”“1945).
In 1945, when Breslau was annexed by Poland, the brewery took on the name Piast Brewery, honoring the Piast dynasty, the legendary first Polish historical Royal dynasty that ruled the country from its beginnings until 1370. The name was not changed till 2005. Right after World War II, the production process was run by Polish brewmasters from brewery of Lwów, who had been ordered to leave their native city and move to the Recovered Territories. In 1951, Piast Brewery produced 350 000 hectolitres of beer and 9 000 tons of malt annually. In 1991, the brewery became part of WrocÅ‚aw's company ZakÅ‚ady Piwowarskie S.A., and on January 23, 1996, it was purchased for $9 500 000 by Ryszard Varisella. In November 2001, it was bought by Carlsberg Polska, and in 2004, brewing of beer was terminated.

Several old buildings were destroyed in 2008. The remaining ones will be reconstructed and new buildings will be constructed.