Phosphorescence Pop Music Centre

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Phosphorescence Pop Music Centre

Sonar phosphorescence: A new version of iconic resonating within the current cultures.

Guided by the iconic features of pop culture such as exuberant colors and light, Phosphorescence explores the possibilities of bringing such polychromatic shimmer qualities to the site. As contemporary scientists marking brain neurons with phosphorescent glow to open new dimensions of our knowledge of the brain, we simultaneously sampled electrified lightscape of Taiwanese streets and night markets.

2 types of organizational systems distribute other sub-systems within a project. In place of inflexible totalizing master plan logic we are proposing resilient adaptive mathematical logics designed for inter-systems crossing at multiple scales. This allows for localized differentiation and unique moments while preserving the consistency of a project as a whole since subsystems resonate through its internal dynamic blueprint.

MAGNETS: based on mathematics of electro-magnetic fields, Magnetic fabrics are stitching the site into the city whilst bringing the city and its inhabitants to the water, as an adaptive masterplan. Additionally, through the extended network of underwater lights visually expanding the park/site into the water.

CANYONS: based on the math of Brownian motion, as a seemingly random movement of particles suspended in a fluid (i.e. a liquid such as water or air). They erode the pristine magnetic shells into different kind of spatial chasms that introduces specialized programs. This resilience allows for great diversity of tectonics locally, adapting to the character and demands of different programs.

ABOVE THE FABRIC: Complexity found in natural ecologies unfolds into the fabric of architectural systems. Therefore the ground is a network of nested-systems that can breed with one another. The project introduces a probabilistic program of human activities as well as tectonic behaviors on the surface they inhabit.

BELOW THE FABRIC: Planting a massive field of underwater lights will encourage the growth of particular species of algae to remediate local marine ecology and adopt it for aqua sports. The lighting scheme implants a new ecological layer into the site. Pop meets sustainability; culture fused into nature. Remediation processes are not hidden, but activated as elements of design. The site glows and shimmers resonating experiences found in pop culture. Aquatics and pop are fused into a hybrid entity.

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