Phoenix Island Villa Condo & Club House

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Phoenix Island Villa Condo & Club House
Phoenix Island Villa Condo & Club House (other name : Phoenix Island Hillius & Agora) Concept statement: The site of Phoenix Island, Seopjikoji, is blessed with the nature as the entire site may seem like a complete canvas merged into the natural landscape and offers unobstructed views and access to the ocean. As a resting space of temporary stay, the villa condo offers variety of views along the differentiated outdoor pedestrian passages carefully set in motion to prevent potential impairment by the vehicle circulation. These views extend along the outdoor landscape to blur the limit of planned from natural scenery. This imagery of juxtaposition directly superpose and continue deep into the core of interior space of the condominium as if the nature is containing the entire built and unbuilt space of the project. The outdoor passage of Phoenix Island is designed to conjure up the notion of “returning to nature` and offers unique experience of “relaxed promenade` through which many virtuous landscape features such as villa deck directly open to ocean views, granite stone walls , a stroll over gentle slope, discrete and slow passage way create a sublime serenade of blended panorama. The villa condos carefully positioned on the naturally undulating slope also shares the same notion of “returning to nature` as all of villas offers completely open panoramic ocean views along the coast. The horizontal terrain is planted with native vegetations and trees in order to surround the villas, giving them stronger impression of natural immersion for the visitors.


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