Phoenix International Media & Culture Center

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Phoenix International Media & Culture Center
Phoenix International Media Culture Center Located adjacent to Beijing Chaoyang Park, the project is based on a studio production center of a well-known media named Phoenix. It is an open and compound international media culture center that integrates multiple social functions. It will bring fresh vigor to the development of urban culture and relevant industries in Beijing at the post-Olympic era. We have explored the concept design in terms of integration of the building and the city, mixed streamlines and cultural aspect of today’s media architecture. The media center will combine the functions of its interior and exterior space and open to the public to create a brand-new urban space for communication and impress people by its strong cultural charm. I An all-embracing city Opening and participation There are a great many marvelous buildings and eco-parks in Beijing, but the city is still in desperate demand for modern urban space of the true sense, that is, high-quality places designed for the public. As an international media , Phoenix TV always differentiate itself with other traditional media organizations in China by its open and transparent cultural orientation and an image of being close to the mass. The concept design is profoundly influenced by its unique spiritual attribute of confidence and open. It is lucky for every designer to take the opportunity to confront the challenge. Chaoyang Park has an advantage in eco-resources, but it lacks deep cultural connotation and distinctive feature. Media also need to go beyond limits and expand wider and wider when spreading their cultural appeal. Mutual opening and integration will generate a win-win solution that upgrades each single area and the region as a whole. The space of Chaoyang Park is wide enough, and what we mean by “opening” does not refer to a simple retreat or a practice of depriving the essences of architectures. If we shatter the boundaries between buildings and the rest parts of the city, there would emerge spaces. People from all over the city can get in inner space of the building and pass through it freely. Participation and interaction become the most natural behavioral pattern here. And the functions of buildings and the city will integrate within the same space, stimulating each other to bring their roles into play. After a series of treatments on shape such as slicing and hoisting, a horizontally-open space emerges and expands along different height nodes. An open multi-level public life is the source of attraction. First, a circular ground with hundred meters-plus in diameter will be segmented from the base and hoisted to 45 meters high to create a new urban-level public place---the “Chaoyang Sky Park”, which echoes with the Chaoyang Park on the ground. The raised surface will command a spectacular urban landscape. There will also be a large-scale media cultural recreation center , “Castle in the Sky”, built which is floating in the air. This charming “Castle in the Sky”, together with the sky park, can provide a 360 degree panoramic bird’s view of the Chaoyang District. A set of midair platforms will be built for visitors to stand on from the ground to the “Castle in the Sky” via “lifts to heavens”. The ground media cultural Plaza will incorporate with Cahoyang Park . It will embrace the city from all different angles and extend to the underground. The speed and popularity will be determined by the smooth and vibrant public route. Layers-upon-layers of small dynamic spaces with rich contents are well-arranged, interspersed with Lan kwai Fang in the sky, art bars, creative spaces, sky clubs and sky studios which provide performances to the city. A vertical streets and lanes system in different directions will be built. A multitude of vertical routes will connect different horizontal public surfaces, creating a stereo ring route under circular flow. The routes are not fixed and monotonous, but free, open and casual. As a result of our reflection on the formal mode of separated urban functions, the introduction of mixed streamlines will enable close contact, melting and collision between leisure activities of the public and the media culture under various contexts. With a splendid canopy, the urban sharing hall is marvelous in dimension. It is 40 meters high and 100 meters wide. Low-profiled but open, it can embrace all kinds of public lives, making itself a new city-level place for communication. II Information carrier facing to the city Media, information and network are changing our world. Therefore, it is necessary for us to escape from the traditional framework of logic, examine closely on the form design objectives of contemporary architectures from a new perspective, and formulate a design strategy on media conduct. The traditional strategy on architecture forms paid close attention to material and aesthetic experiences in shapes and creating space and light feel. But the new strategy aims at creating an information carrier for the city. It emphasizes the introduction of non-material factors and functions, which will reflect themselves in abstract forms. Can we view architectures no longer just as architectures, but as a group of stereo WebPages, or a television set with multiple pictures in depth, or information releasing device, or even a huge MP3/4 player available for the public? The space combines the two attributes of material and non-material information, which display separately or alternatively, creating a fantastic and dream scene that full of surreal color and power. The building consists of two layers in vertical: the smooth exterior is filled with literal information pouring down quickly like meteor showers; while the undulating the second layer is implanted with a variety of television images with different frequency bands and locations. The inner and outer surfaces are different in characteristics, setting off one another. The information technology is no longer used as ornaments or for inharmonic advertisements only. Instead, by meticulous design, it can play the major role, fully displaying the characteristics of media featuring sensitivity, speed and changes.


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