Phoenix City Square
Phoenix City Square is a mixed use complex with three “Class A” office towers and a hotel located in the midtown area of Phoenix, Arizona. The three office towers are numerically classified based upon their address on Central Avenue (see Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona ). They are referred to as the 3800 Tower, the 3838 Tower, and the 4000 Tower respectively . A Hilton Garden Inn is also part of the complex. City Square was designed by the architectural firm, Flatow, Moore, Bryan, and Fairburn . The towers were constructed in 1962, 1964, and 1971 . 3800 Tower is 194,482 square feet (18,068.0 m 2); 3838 Tower is 236,094 square feet (21,933.9 m 2);, and 4000 Tower is 295,797 square feet .There is also a large 35,000-square-foot (3,300 m 2) Fitness Center, known as Sports Club at City Square, that is part of the complex. The past couple decades have seen a lot of activity around the City Square development. In 1996, the Singapore government went into escrow for the purchase of City Square . Before this the office complex was owned by “Phoenix City Square Partnership" . At the time the Phoenix metropolitan area was experiencing drastic increases in commercial tenancy rates . In 2003, Hilton Hotels Corporation opened the redesigned Del Webb Townhouse Hotel as the Hilton Garden Inn. . The hotel has 156 rooms and is seven stories . It is business oriented and contains 7,500 square feet (700 m 2) of available meeting space. In 2005 the present owner, The Shidler Group, purchased the complex from Praedium Group . At the time, the construction of another tower was considered ; however this never did materialize, which is a possible result of the real estate downturn. The Shidler Group maintains properties in Hawaii, California, and Arizona. Phoenix City Square is on Central Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona. The Metro Light Rail track runs down this portion of Central Avenue. This project is part of the Valley Metro (Phoenix) system. On December 27, 2008, Valley Metro Light Rail officially opened. It remains to be seen if this will have an impact in increasing tenancy at City Square, though it will serve to connect the area to Downtown Phoenix. The City Square buildings have been criticized as being part of the “boring” architectural skyline in Central Phoenix . In 2006, The Arizona Department of Economic Security signed a lease at City Square for a near 6 year tenancy . The deal was worth around $9.5 million dollars and included approximately 100,000 square feet (9,300 m 2) of office space . DES chose the 4000 Tower for its location . In 2007, a news release noted that the Arizona DES had extended their lease and increased office space to nearly 140,000 square feet . There are a variety of businesses that are part of the complex. Besides having a fitness center, there are also cafes, a day care, a barber shop, law offices, accounting firms, engineering consultants, etc.. There is also an on-site U.S. Bank as part of the City Square area. 3800 Tower 3800 is the smallest of the office towers in City Square, coming in under 200,000 square feet (19,000 m 2). Originally designed in the International Style, 3800 was updated in the early 1990s with cleaner lines, more architectural detail and given a pyramid crown. It contains an attached day care, and it is located directly on Central Avenue. 3800 Tower has a variety of businesses, such as Just Mortgage Inc., The Valley Forward Association, Michael Cordova P.C., PMA Consultants, Black, Gould & Associates, Inc. and Maricopa County Legal Advocate. 3838 Tower 3838, originally called the Greyhound Tower, is the middle-sized tower in Phoenix City Square. It is not directly on Central Avenue, but rather its location is on Clarendon Avenue. 3838 Tower is connected to a strip of cafes, and it also shares an outdoor plaza with 3800. This tower contains businesses like O’Connor & Campbell P.C., SouthWest Traffic Engineering LLC, SunCor Development Company, and Bar-S Foods Co. 4000 Tower 4000 is the tallest tower in City Square, and has been noted on the List of tallest buildings in Phoenix, which lists 25 Skyscrapers in the city. Hilton Garden Inn shares the address with the 4000 Tower. Businesses inside 4000 Tower include Arizona Drug Screening & Investigations, First Community Financial Corporation, and Parsons & Goltry Law Firm. 4000 Tower is on the north side of Clarendon Avenue, whereas both 3800 and 3838 are on the southern side.