Petrovsky Stadium

The Petrovsky Stadium (Стадион «Петровский») is a sport complex that consists of a number of sport buildings. One of them is the Grand Sport Arena which is the home of FC Zenit of Saint Petersburg, Russia and for simplicity referred by everyone as Petrovsky Stadium. The complex also contains another football stadium, Minor Sport Arena (MSA). MSA of Petrovsky in 2008 was used by several teams that compete in lower professional leagues: FC Dynamo Saint Petersburg, FC Zenit-2 Saint Petersburg, and FC Sever Murmansk. The whole complex is located on the Petrograd side in central St. Petersburg on Petrovsky Island, an island in the Malaya Neva River connected to the mainland by a bridge.


The Grand Sport Arena of the Petrovsky Sport Complex currently has a capacity of 21,504 people.


The first stadium at this location was designed by architects N.V. Baranov, O.I. Guryev and V.M. Fromzel, and was built in 1924 - 1925. In 1957 - 1961 it went through major reconstruction, the largest one before the 1980 Summer Olympics. At that time the capacity was 33,000 seats.

The stadium has received world recognition since hosting the Goodwill Games in 1994. At that time, after a major reconstruction the seating capacity was changed to a more comfortable design with 21,500 seats. All seats are made of weather-proof durable plastic. Seats have different colour, depending on the seating section and proximity to the pit.


Zenit Saint Petersburg are currently based at Petrovsky Stadium where they play home their games.

Aside from sporting events, the stadium has been a popular place for entertainment, music concerts and festivals.

Building Activity

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