Petra Winery

Petra winery in Suvereto (Livorno), Italy Set on the hillside overlooking a broad expanse of vineyards in Suvereto, in the inland area of Piombino, the Petra Winery presents itself to visitors as a cylinder in Prun stone, cut across by a diagonal plane set parallel to the slope, with two porticoed wings facing seaward.         This image of a constructed central volume with a powerfully plastic image and the barchesse – porticoes – on the sides reinterprets the sprawling villas typical of the Tuscan countryside, where the land is embroidered with patterns created by vegetation – vineyards in this case – enticing the visitor to examine the architectural work more closely.         The frontal effect of this construction, with the central stone cylinder and its circular crown studded with olive trees, becomes a “designed flower” gracing the entire hillside. It is this image, extended over the endless rows of vineyards, that points to the existence of areas inside the mountain where the winery’s production process takes place, from pressing grapes to bottling wine.


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