Petőfi Bridge

Petőfi híd or Petőfi Bridge (named after Sándor Petőfi, old name is Horthy Miklós Bridge, named after governor Miklós Horthy) is a bridge in Budapest, connecting Pest and Buda across the Danube. It is the second southernmost public bridge in Budapest.

Its two ends are

  • Boráros tér (southern end of Grand Boulevard and terminus of the Csepel HÉV)
  • Goldmann György tér (next to the campuses of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

The bridge was built between 1933-1937, according to the plans of Pál Álgyai Hubert. It is 514 m in length (along with the sections leading up) and 25.6 m in width and rebuilt after the Second World War.

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