People's Association Headquarters

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People's Association Headquarters

Inspired by the rain tree, the new PAHQ is a fine example of a symbiosis between new and old. The building exudes bold architectural expressions coupled with simple environmental design to create an attractive and highly functional workspace. Previously located at the former Kallang Airport building, the new PAHQ is now located at the site of the former Victoria School, which is a neo-classical building completed build in 1933. It now houses all the various divisions under one roof. A new 5 storey office structure was inserted behind the conserved classroom / administration block respecting the central axial classical order. Spaces were carved out between the new and old built fabric converting into a landscaped courtyards and pre-function areas affording the informal gathering and meetings for its occupants and visitors. A series of link bridges connect the two structures at the second storey to promote connectivity. The rain tree expresses the core values of People’s Association, an umbrella organization with a strong foundation of network grassroots organizations to create one people, one Singapore. The rain tree also draws significant parallels with environmental responsibilities. One of the main feature of the new PAHQ is the insertion of the five storey naturally ventilated atrium in the centre of new development. The venture effect draws warm air up affording cooling effect to all the common areas at the lower levels. Additionally, the internal courtyards were envisioned to bring the landscaping elements into the heart of the development. The atrium is shielded from the environmental elements by the feature canopy roof which is supported by 12 steel feature ‘trunk’ columns. The feature canopy roof incorporates Building Integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) panels which are integrated with the roof design allowing natural light into the atrium while “protecting` the atrium from the weather elements. Awarded the BCA Green Mark Gold Plus in 2007 and the URA Heritage Award in 2009, the PAHQ is a true testament to environmental responsibilities and the preservation of our heritage.


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