Penthouse Office Suite

The design primary objective is to transform the existing low ceiling height and narrowly confined spaces into a sophisticated, lofty and cutting edge Corporate Headquarters.

Client requires a flexible and spacious interior in contemporary style to compliment their Corporate Identity worldwide.
The interior space must be suitable for their Bi-Annual corporate functions for minimum 250 people, apart from Annual F1 and Christmas Parties for its entire regional staff, Local and Geneva Clienteles to attend.

This Asia Headquarters of Geneva based Oil Institution is located on the 2nd topmost floors of Maybank Tower, at Level 29 and 30 respectively.
The interior of this lower Penthouse office suite is exquisitely simple, ultra modern yet functional with seamless flexible spaces that transform work place into a Milan, New York Style elite haute coutre work environment.
From the arrival at Level 29 and 30 lift lobbies, the visual axis is breathtaking with the panoramic view of downtown waterfront developments and Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort.
At Level 30, reflective pools with trickling fountains are provided along the entire central corridor axis to bring water to the interior and connect to the seafront.
The organic form responds to the Client’s design program and the overall building plan and offers clarity in space.
Despite the existing constraints by low existing false ceiling of 2.7m height and narrow building depth, tremendous efforts were devoted on the space planning, choice of materials and immaculate detailing to enhance the spatial quality.
The challenge to create the high lofty ceiling space was the introduction of large sweeping curved high gloss white feature wall with large curve rising from floor to inclined wall to the cantilevered canopy.
With dramatic orchestration of overlapping planes of materials such as clear glass partitions, white crystal tiles floating platform with concealed LED lights, high gloss white acrylic feature wall to contrast sharply with off-form concrete walls and highly reflective dark exotic wood ceiling; the interior is magical at different time of the day and extending the curved flowing line of iconic Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort ‘sail board’ roof into the interior.
Wide expanse of white feature wall essentially serves as the central axis of the entire Level 29 floor space providing a seamless integration from the conference rooms to private corporate areas. Every sitting is orientated with a view of seafront whenever possible.
Open concept planning compliment with extensive use of see through glass partition facilitate emission of daylight throughout and enhance energy saving significantly. Most light fittings are using latest energy saving LED lights.
The feature columns are inclined to blend with existing building structures and sloping façade as well as provide layering of space between corporate area and guest lounge adjacent to lift lobby.
The conference room is raised with concealed ‘LED’ beneath to create the floating effect and allows a commanding 270 deg views of serene seafront and central finance district.
The ultra modern interior reflects the pinnacle of luxury befitting the corporation’s image for quality service and products.


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