PEÑA BLANCA is a project for a country house to be used by three members of a family with the need of privacy. It’s located in a 10,000-m2 plot with a changing topology as well as mountain climate conditions.The concept comes from the idea of the house as a shelter with an architecture that not only intervenes but it integrates with the natural environment.

The house was conceived as three independent blocks and a forth one that holds the common areas and serves as a complement for the three independent houses.

The idea of separating the house in modules was conceived to achieve a lower intervention in the natural surroundings as well as giving privacy and independence to each of the modules.

Each of the modules is located in the ground responding to the views and orientations and at the same time they create a sense of unity, the position of the blocks defines the open common areas as well as the circulations.

The module integrates with the natural environment through two vertical walls that work as an incision in the landscape with a sloped roof that touches the grounds and melts with it.


8 photos and 6 drawings