Pellucid Felt
The main objective of this design was to bring the outside into the interior while at the same time ensuring the privacy of the living spaces in the edge of Tokyo. A pellucid felt -‘felt’ is a etymology of the filter- means the transparent filter. It?takes the outside environment into an internal space. Moreover, It is a volume that tries to divide a whole space, to put the filter, and to tie.It leads to the expression of the space configuration of becoming Suki -the space that has a feeling of transparency- that the Japanese traditional architecture used to have. In the site, there is a vertical interval of about three meters in the old residential quarter along the cliff line in Tokyo. There were a famous green belt. Now surrounding area is enclosed by the house of two story and three story. And only the approach road side in the southeast opens it greatly. Here, I created the house for the two families-three generations. The terrace and the front yard installed in each floor have the role of the filter that takes scenery outside the site. --- Pellucid felt-a And, I think the passage and the stairs as a movement space to be a volume in which divide the whole space. Each spaces communicate through this volume. ---Pellucid felt-b There are various space sizes on the each floor. Each space doesn't have a limited function. Because of the structural post is set to the outer part of the building, it offers great flexibility in planning, incorporates the functions required for the two families-three generations (young couple and three children, mother) dwelling in the city, and offers the residents the freedom to organize their lifestyle as they wish. In the future, the composition and the room arrangement can be changed –extendibility-. Also, by making the circulation long, the space has a gradation from outside to inside. At the same time as creating an environment which is independent of the town, the house also attempts to relate to it subtly.


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