Peek & Cloppenburg Flagship Store

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Peek & Cloppenburg Flagship Store

The starting point for the design was the idea of a “building with windows” – a modern, abstract
interpretation of a classical building typology, which is not freestanding but part of the overriding
structure of the urban area. The building will assert itself as tectonically powerful, and
demonstrate a long-lasting and institutional character through the selection of its materials and
proportions, whilst remaining modest and above all becoming an integral part of the street
façade. The defining material for the façade is a light-coloured, finely pointed Danube Limestone
(Donaukalk) – a typical Viennese building material. The façade will be solidly built, corresponding
in its materiality and craftsmanship with the historic context.

The new building volume will close the urban block as a continuation of the neighbouring
buildings. In its rational structure the design ties in strongly with the tradition of late Viennese
department stores. The façade will subtly react to the structure of the neighbouring buildings.
The window proportions and the ratio between closed wall and openings will reflect the historic
neighbouring buildings. The otherwise recessed glass layer will be brought forward on the ground
floor, transforming the wall openings into display windows at street level. On the fourth floor, the
façade will open up to the city through a loggia.

The six sales levels will be accessed from the main entrance on Kärtner Strasse via a central
atrium, flooded by daylight. A translucent glass and bronze structure crowns the atrium in the
tradition of the large department stores of the 19th century, acting as a counterpoint to the sales
areas with its textile stock.

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