One circle is the completed form because it has strongcentripetal characteristics. However, overlapping two circles changes the form that has various vectors and is not centripetal. It is that it becomes the space that does not prescribe the domain as various places to stay, and it is connected to the environment gently. I expect that babies bring up sensitivity in this architecture because “Peanut” is not completed form by the same token and is a plant bearing fruit in soil. Because I think that contact with nature becomes ”the place” of upbringing, so contact with nature becomes a pleasure.

Specifically, the babies’ space has the incline such as the gentle topography, they enjoy feeling “sunshine filtering through foliage,” “side fluctuation,” “creature in nature,” “fragrant in season,” and “the rainy sound” etc. in the environment such as the forest among the trees. And semi-outdoor space having some slants and excursion characteristics surround a baby room has variety: a place of the exploration for children and “a gallery of the forest” can relax for pregnant women and mother. I value confidence to join each other together from the relations of the eye level.

Specifically, I adopted one-room style while I zoned administrative parts (formula room, balneum bathroom and office room) and babies’ room and gallery definitely. The glance of a childcare person and the baby becomes near, and security occurs by making desk height in the administration the same as the height of the floor of the babies’ room. In addition, judging from the glance of “learning from see” between babies, it becomes the natural relations. I intend to raise functionality by being able to look around the whole room on administrative side. I create rich environment by joining together for equivalent relations with babies and childminders / building and nature / person and natural environment.

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