The Pazmanitentempel, also known as the Synagogue in der Leopoldstadt, Pazmanitengasse 6 was a large synagogue in Vienna's second district Leopoldstadt. It was designed and constructed by the architect Ignaz Reiser.The building was financed by Adolf Schramek (1845–1915) who signed the contract with the builder in 1910. Originally from Leipnik, Moravia, Schramek became one of Vienna's most successful coal merchants. The Pazmaniten synagogue was, therefore, not built by the Kultusgemeinde but by a temple club (Verein) Am Volkert of which Schramek was the president. The information about Adolf Schramek is found in "Living in the shadow of Freud" by Sophie Freud and Ernestine Druker Freud, published in 2007. There is also information about him by one of his sons, Oskar Schramek, in Hugo Gold's chapter "Wiener Familien" in "Jews and Jewish Communities of Moravia" (1929).

The synagogue, once describe as the most beautiful in Vienna, was destroyed during the Nazi pogroms of the Reichskristallnacht after the Anschluss of Austria to Nazi Germany in 1938.

Coordinates: 48°13′14″N 16°23′05″E / 48.2204444444°N 16.3846388889°E / 48.2204444444; 16.3846388889

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