Paternal House
It has been told that architecture of a region indicates the behavior of a society, among the existing architectural categories; residential buildings look closer to this view. In other words, we can say every house shows the morals, manners, acts and relationship of its residents. The house which will be introduced here, so-called "Paternal House", follows this rule although it has further scales and standards. It exploits some human achievements of modern age in worldwide scales. Energy-saving observance, usage of materials and techniques of more than 20 universal companies, that is an accomplishment towards a global collaboration, and also observing general rules of green and sustainable architecture, all approve it associating with international behaviors. However, this house is an Iranian house with considering regional scales. Iranian house has its own characteristics, for instance, introversion is prefers to extroversion, that is, in one hand you can see some kind of simplicity and monotony in the façade of a building, and in the other hand there is a variety of colors and spaces within interior areas. Another specification of Iranian residential architecture is the central court, where a family takes advantage of open areas not in the public eye, with additional factors such as water and plants, a state in which thermal equilibrium will be maintained in warm summer days, coincidentally. A smaller-scale view that appears in "Paternal House" is the wishes and needs of the people residing in it. This building was established in two floors, each floor is viewed as two regions in plan, which in turn seems like two shifted rectangles put side by side. While upstairs is specified to ceremonies and customs belongs to Iranians, downstairs is allocated for the family itself. Furthermore, the floors are divided in two areas; private and public. So much is certain that in designing this building the attempt was to observe all the principals of Building Codes, and apply the best materials and modern techniques to make sure that interior space accounts for the needs of people living there. In my opinion, a residential building should consider the residents' needs rather than being a place for show off. So that residential architecture should strengthen the fundament and basis of a family. What do you think my father will say?


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