Passive Solar House for Handicapped Family

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Passive Solar House for Handicapped Family

A Passive Solar House for a handicapped family All the family members of this house are handicapped. Mother, being unable to walk and eat herself, is taken into a hospice and will be there for the rest of her life. A sister and two brothers, who are relatively high aged, are to live in this house together. Elder sister needs to use a wheel chair and other two brothers will need to use wheel chairs in the near future. I was asked to design a house in which they can easily live on wheel chairs and also useful for people who visit to help them. The entire floor is flat at the same height. Entrance has a slope for wheel chairs. All the parts of this house, lavatory, kitchen, washbasin, and bathroom are designed for wheel chairs. The old house where they used to live was so dark that they needed to use electric light even in the daytime. Not only physically, but also mentally they needed natural light and bright living spaces in the new house. In order to introduce natural light, I designed “light-shelf


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    Key Section Plan Site Plan Light Shelf of the corridor Light Shelf of the living room Light Shelf of the living room The corridor, heat storage floor Japanese room, before light-shelf installed Living-dining room, table for wheel chair user Japanese room and the Living-dining room Living-dining room, continuity of  upper space Dining table & kitchen for wheel chair user lavatory for the handicapped family Entrance (barrier-free ) Bathroom for the handicapped family Exterior, entrance slope for wheel chair Exterior Exterior 2
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