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The San Francisco Shopping Center is located in Puebla’s historical center, Mexico, built up in several sites of San Francisco district. It was developed on sites that formerly lodged XIX and early XX centuries’ houses and factories; this project adapts and conserves the principal characteristics that all together conserve the spirit of the site. Developed in three levels, the complex is conformed in this way: it has 5,913.89 sq m constructed in the ground floor, which 3,052.51sq m are a retail area, having some restaurants faced to San Francisco’s garden its interior faced to the small courts which conserved and contains centennial trees. This floor has the food court that has direct relation with an outer place that faces to the Arroyo Xonaca Street. The Shopping Center counts with elevator and escalators to get to the next levels. The second level counts with a 4,352.88 sq m retail area (5,940.27m2 constructed). In this floor can be found a casino, music stores, libraries and free areas towards the existing constructions patios. The third level they has 4,583.46m2 retail (5,440.27m2 constructed) and is especially dedicated for thirteen cinemas. The Shopping Center volume is founded up on the special elements conserved from the XIX and XX century and by means of some tucks in its flanks that allow that the volumes and the old facades are respected. The construction reflects on an apparent metallic structure with of 8x8 m clearings, the arq shaft columns are covered with concrete. Also the complex heights adapt to respect the original urban context so the t of the top of the building is covered of “u glass` which grants an ethereal shade that contrast as well with the metallic structure and the stonewalls.


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