Partizan Stadium

Partizan Stadium (Serbian: Стадион ФК Партизан / Stadion FK Partizan) is a football and track-and-field stadium in Belgrade, Serbia, owned by FK Partizan. It carried the name JNA Stadium for a long time and was the site of Youth Day parade. Even today, the majority of football fans in all countries of the former Yugoslavia call it by its old name. Partizan fans, the Grobari, call it "Fudbalski Hram" (English: Temple of Football). It was officially opened on October 9, 1949, with the match between Yugoslavia and France. Partizan stadium had a 55,000 capacity before the new UEFA security regulations came in effect. It was renovated during 1998, and now has a capacity of 32,710. There are 30 rows of seats and 30 entry and exit gates for spectators. The stands have a height of 21 m and span 236 m in length (north-south) and 150 m in width (east-west).

The playing field measures 105 x 70 m, and is illuminated at 1,400 lux (Philips). The stadium was built on the site of BSK Stadion, which was a 25,000 seat stadium that hosted the Yugoslav national team as well as BSK Beograd. On September 2010, Partizan stadium was reorganized in a few places for the UEFA Champions League. Due to UEFA stadium standards, the fences on the eastern and western stands were shortened from 2.25m to 0.70m. The football pitch was extended by 1 meter. New, modern goal-posts were mounted, and brand new media boxes were constructed on top of the western stand. The stadium is looking better and this great transformation also included a massive black-and-white application with the club's crest in the middle over glass windows of Humska St. On 29 September, Partizan's Champions League game against Arsenal was almost postponed due to two of the stadium's floodlights failing. However one of them was fixed and the referee, Wolfgang Stark gave consent for the match to be played with only 3 floodlights.

New Stadium

FK Partizan plans to build a new modern stadium in the near future. The new stadium will be erected on 12.5 hectars of space, it will be able to hold 42,000 spectators and will be encompassed with a 5-star hotel, huge business center beneath the surface of the ground, two-story parking, multiplex cinema, nine tennis courts and about 400 apartments.


Beside football matches, the Stadium is also a place for various concerts and shows. The Stadium’s facilities and acoustics meets demands of local artists and international superstars. Bijelo Dugme headlined a day-long event, called "Rock spektakl '79", at the stadium on September 22, 1979. Other acts to appear on the day were YU grupa, Galija, Siluete, Generacija 5, Parni Valjak, Suncokret, Prljavo Kazalište, Tomaž Domicelj, Obećanje Proljeća, Metak, Revolver, Prva Ljubav, Senad od Bosne, Opus, Čisti Zrak, Aerodrom, Peta Rijeka, Formula 4, Mama Rock, Kako, Rok Apoteka, Kilo i po, and Crni Petak. Metallica performed at the stadium during their Madly in Anger with the World Tour on June 15, 2004, with Van Gogh as the opening act. AC/DC performed at the stadium during their Black Ice World Tour on May 26, 2009, with Amajlija and The Answer as their opening acts, in front of approximately 40,000 fans.

Building Activity

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